Between Love & Goodbye Soundtrack


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The CD includes the five tracks sung by The Inertia Kiss in the film, five other songs played in the film, plus 2 remixes of "I Won' Say Adieu" & a bonus track written and performed by Rob Harmon (April).

Between Love & Goodbye Tracklist:
1. Between Love and Goodbye - The Inertia Kiss
2. Boyfriend - The Inertia Kiss
3. What's The Color Of Love - The Inertia Kiss
4. Born Loser - The Inertia Kiss
5. I Won't Say Adieu - The Inertia Kiss
6. I remember Love - Sarah Dawn Finer
7. Able - Abigail Payne 8. Space - Kevin Henry
9. Superstar Car Crash - Salme Dahlstrom
10. Serve It Up (NYC Club Mix) - Quentin Elias
11. I Won't Say Adieu (SIRPAUL Radio Remix) - The Inertia Kiss
12. I Won't Say Adieu (Robotika Remix) - The Inertia Kiss
13. Bonus Track: Familiar - Rob Harmon

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